Indonesia postpones plan to propose Kota Tua as world heritage site until...

Indonesia postpones plan to propose Kota Tua as world heritage site until next year


Jakarta — Indonesia is shelving a plan to nominate Jakarta’s Kota Tua area in West Jakarta to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site until next year, pending the revision of its proposal to narrow the area covered in the nomination. Candriyan Attahiyat, a member of the expert Jakarta heritage conservation team, said Kota Tua had been ready for nomination to be a world heritage site since 2015, but during a meeting on Jan. 31 the Tourism Ministry and several other stakeholders decided to revise the proposal first. “The initial proposal covers an area that is too wide — all the way to Thousand Islands,” Candrian said on the sidelines of a book launch in the Museum Mandiri in West Jakarta over the weekend. “From the initial coverage of more than 800 hectares, we are now narrowing it to just 135 hectares,” he said. According to Candrian, the Jakarta administration and the Education and Cultural Ministry would be responsible for preparing the revised proposal. Meanwhile, Dodi Riadi, a facilitator with the Kota Tua destination management organization, lamented that some plans for Kota Tua had not yet been implemented properly. “There is concern that some stakeholders, including the government and private stakeholders cannot work together,” said Dodi.

Source: thejakartapost