Indonesia welcomes more foreign tourists from January-May

Indonesia welcomes more foreign tourists from January-May


Jakarta — The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has released new data on the number of foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia between January and May this year. The agency recorded a total of 5,358,489 visits, an increase of 20.38 percent from the same period last year. Out of this figure, up to 4,687,721 foreign tourists entered Indonesia through its main 19 gates. “The number of foreign tourists who landed Ngurah Rai International Airport and Soekarno-Hatta International Airport were 2,288,426 and 1,004,724 people respectively,” said BPS Head Suhariyanto. The highest percentage of tourist arrivals reportedly occurred in May at the Sam Ratulangi Airport in North Sulawesi with a 449.02 percent increase compared to last year. The agency records that 150,050 people entered Indonesia through cross-border posts (PLBs) during the month of May, an increase of 722 percent from May last year. “Out of the 1.16 million foreign tourists who visited in May, Chinese tourists placed the highest with 13.19 percent, followed by Singaporeans with 9.83 percent, Australians with 7.91 percent and Indians with 4.19 percent,” Suhariyanto said. “Every month our target increases significantly. For May, our target was 1,150,000 foreign tourists. As for the peak season between June and July, the target is 1,250,000 visits per month,” said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya. This year the Tourism Ministry aims to welcome 15 million foreign tourists.

Source: thejakartapost