Bali and Yogyakarta most sellable in Penang: Consul general

Bali and Yogyakarta most sellable in Penang: Consul general


Jakarta — The consul general of Indonesia in Penang Iwanshah Wibisono paid a visit to Wonderful Indonesia booth at Malaysia International Travel Mart (MITM) in Penang on Sunday (09/07). Wibisono was accompanied by Andy Chuah, chairman of the Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association (MCTA). “Please come to Indonesia where you can see the real Phinisi boat that has traveled across five continents. [..] The paradise of the world is Indonesia, our natural wonders which are always on the world’s top 20 list, our great culture, delicious food, friendly people, everything is affordable. Where else can you find all of these?” Wibisono said. Penang itself is an exciting place to attract visitors. In 2015, the number of population in Penang reached 1.69 million,  41.6 percent of which are Malays, 40.5 percent Chinese, 9.6 percent Indians and 8 percent non-Malays. Penang is the third most urbanized state in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, and contributes 6.4 percent to the economic growth of Malaysia with the biggest incomes from medical tourism and properties. “For Penang, the potential is still wide open. We can sell Bali and Yogyakarta because the majority of the locals here love to go to the seas and heritage sites,” Wibisono added. “Indonesia is a preferred destination, it has a lot of beautiful destinations. Thank you for participating in MITM,” Chuah added.

Source: thejakartapost