Bike-sharing facility ‘Boseh’ offers new way to explore Bandung

Bike-sharing facility ‘Boseh’ offers new way to explore Bandung


Jakarta — Residents in Bandung, West Java can now enjoy a bike-sharing facility provided by the city administration. Officially operated since early July from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., the service dubbed Bike on The Street Everybody Happy (Boseh) uses a smart card system as rental transaction tool. According to one of the service’s attendants in Jalan Asia Afrika, Chandra Fauzi Ramadhani, residents who are at least 17 years of age and own an electric ID (e-KTP) could simply visit the designated posts that offer the service. “After showing their e-KTP, we will register their data and give them a member card that is valid for a life-time. Afterwards, they can use the card right away,” he said, adding that the operational officers would be ready to help users use the facility, such as obtaining the bicycle from the dock and assessing the service using the member card. The city currently has 19 docks where the bicycles are stored but only four locations provide registration facilities, namely Jl. Asia Afrika, Cibeunying Park, Jl. R.E. Martadinata or Jl. Riau, and Taman Lansia Kota Bandung (Bandung City Elderly Park). Chandra said all members can use and return their bicycle in any dock, as well as using the bike to explore other parts of the city.

Sources: thejakartapost/Antaranews