Celebrities Promote ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ Campaign

Celebrities Promote ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ Campaign


Jakarta — The Ministry of Tourism has been successful in influencing several local celebrities with its Wonderful Indonesia campaign, initiated by Minister Arief Yahya through various partnerships. Actor Teuku Wisnu, the owner of Malang Strudel, has become an endorser for the campaign after his company joined a co-branding scheme with the ministry. Singer Fitri Carlina has also joined the co-branding scheme with her brand, Banyuwangi Savana Cake. The brand will be introduced in Banyuwangi, East Java on Sunday (20/08). “I want to contribute to my birthplace. In the midst of the developments of Banyuwang tourism sector, I would also like to present a product that draws on the flavors of Banyuwangi to create a souvenir,” Fitri said in a statement on Thursday (17/08). She will also promote tourism destinations in Banyuwangi with her products by naming the various varieties after these locations, such as “Savanna Red Island”, “Savanna Green Bay”, “Savanna Sunrise of Java” and “Savanna Wedi Ireng.” “The most recommended is ‘Savanna Blue Fire’,” she said adding that the product consists of banana cake with various toppings. Fitri said the cooperation with the Wonderful Indonesia campaign was part of her duty and pride. “We should promote our tourism sector to the world. If we are united, our tourism sector will be known not only by Indonesians, but also the world,” said. Tourism Minister Arief Yahya praised the co-branding deal with Banyuwangi Savanna Cake by saying that the fast response from endorsers such as Fitri and Teuku will have greater impact to develop Indonesia’s tourism brand.

Source: thejakartaglobe