Trade Expo seals $16m trading contracts on first day

Trade Expo seals $16m trading contracts on first day


Tangerang, Banten — Trade Expo Indonesia 2017 recorded US$16.07 million in trading contracts on its first day at the Indonesian Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD in South Tangerang, Banten, on Wednesday (11/10). This buying mission will continue until the last day of the expo,” said the Trade Ministry’s export development director general, Arlinda, in a statement released on Thursday (12/10). The US$16.07 million in contracts comes from buyers in three countries, Australia, Singapore and Spain. A buying mission from Australia signed US$13.9 million worth of contracts on hotel and tourism related goods and services with PT Sukamulia Mandiri Agung. Meanwhile, the buying mission from Singapore signed US$1.1 million in contracts on food and beverages with PT Sinar Sosro, and a mission from Spain signed a US$1 million furniture contract with CV Abad Jepara. The expo, the biggest trade event in Indonesia organized by the ministry takes place on October 10-15. It aims to US$1.1 billion transactions by the end of the event, a 7.8 percent increase from the US$1.02 billion it booked in the same event last year. The expo displays various goods and services from more than 1,000 local producers and traders. Indonesia aims to jack up its non-oil gas exports by 5.6 percent to US$138.65 billion. As of August, 71.2 percent of the target or US$98.8 billion had been pocketed.

Source: thejakartapost