Batam Art and Culture Performance event attracts foreign tourists

Batam Art and Culture Performance event attracts foreign tourists


Jakarta — PWI Crossborder program created by the Tourism Ministry to attract foreign tourists to come to Batam-Bintan has resulted in more than 40,000 tour packages sold since its first launching. The program is joined by 240 industries ranging from spa, golf, retail and marine tourism. The latest effort by the ministry to promote tourism in Batam was conducting an event called Batam Art and Culture Performance. Held on October 28 at Nagoya Hill Hotel Batam, the event featured plenty of performing arts such as Malay and Javanese traditional dances and Malay traditional music. Around 250 foreign tourists reportedly participated in the event, coming from countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, China, India and the Philippines. According to recent data, 60 percent of foreign tourists who visited Indonesia were interested in the country’s culture, 35 percent came for its nature and wildlife and five percent came for man-made tourist attractions. Batam is quite a popular destination since it’s geographically close to Singapore and Malaysia. It only takes 40 minutes by ferry to travel to Batam.