Indonesia relaxes import regulations for 6 commodities

Indonesia relaxes import regulations for 6 commodities


Jakarta — Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita said on Wednesday (20/12) he had signed six regulation drafts to relax import procedures and requirements for six types of commodities in a bid to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) procure raw materials. The drafts will be passed on to the Law and Human Rights Ministry for validation and are expected to be applicable early next year, he added. “The policy will allow SMEs to import small amounts via traders with general import permits, API-U holders or via PBL (logistics bonded zones),” he told a press conference on Wednesday (20/12). However, small business entrepreneurs still need to show their taxpayer numbers (NPWP) and business identity numbers to the API-U holders. The six categories are:

Used machinery or capital goods of up to five units per shipments;

Food and beverage of up to 500 kilograms except confectioneries per delivery, traditional medicine and health supplements up to 500 kilograms per delivery and electronics of up to 10 pieces per delivery;

Forestry products that do not require recommendation letters from the Environment and Forestry Ministry;

Raw materials for plastics up to 5 tons per delivery; glasses up to 50 pieces per delivery without a surveyor report;

Raw materials for medicine, food and cosmetics with less certification requirements.