China expects greater RI participation at 2018 import expo

China expects greater RI participation at 2018 import expo


Jakarta — China has called on Indonesia to join the China International Import Expo (CIIE) scheduled in November this year, as one of the ways to boost trade between the two countries. Other than showcasing high-tech equipment, consumer goods, foodstuff, agricultural products and services, the CIIE will allow participants to conduct online and offline transactions through a one stop transaction platform, the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia said in a press statement. Wang Liping, the economic and commercial counselor at the embassy said companies from Indonesia could join firms from the United States, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Thailand and other countries to exhibit its products at the CIIE and expand its business in China. “Businesses from all over China will attend the expo to procure goods and services. It is estimated that more than 150,000 domestic and foreign buyers will participate in the expo,” Wang said in the statement. The Chinese government expected that Indonesia could do more to promote specialties like woodcarvings, gems and prawn crackers, which have become more popular in China, on top of conventional products like bird’s nest, coconuts, coal, palm oil and rubber. “Indonesia’s products deserve greater popularity. Indonesia is the fourth largest coffer producer in the world and its civet coffee is world renowned,” Wang said. In 2017, the volume of China’s total imports reached US$1.8 trillion and is expected to reach $10 trillion in the next five years. Indonesia continues to lag behind other countries in ASEAN in exporting goods to China. In 2017, the value of Malaysian export to China reached $49.2 billion, while the export figure for Indonesia is US25.6 billion.