Air Force holds security drill on Indonesia-Singapore border

Air Force holds security drill on Indonesia-Singapore border


Batam — Squadron I of Supadio Air Force Base held a security drill in Indonesia’s archipelagic sea lane (ALKI) I on Tuesday (03/04), which includes the waters of Indonesia-Singapore border and Natuna, located near the disputed areas in South China Sea. As many as 60 personnel from the Indonesian Air Forces joined the operation called 2018 Segara Axis, which involved five Hawks 100 and Hawk 200 jet fighters. They were assigned to monitor illegal activities in the sea such as illegal fishing, mining and logging transportation. The personnel also monitored hostile vessels diverging from its route or vessels throwing waste into the sea. Squadron I of Supadio Air Base commander Lt. Col. Agung Indra Jaya said the operation designated Hang Nadim Airport in Batam, Riau Islands province as a base for the jet fighters as well as soldiers until the operation ends on April 5. “The operation is for ALKI security measures. We will identify and monitor any possible crimes taking place in the sea and take action against perpetrators,” he said, adding that monitoring would start from the air after coordinating with actors in the field. “Batam was chosen because of its strategic location,” he added.