New Rafflesia habitat found in Bengkulu

New Rafflesia habitat found in Bengkulu


Jakarta — The Bengkulu-Lampung chapter of the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) has found a new habitat of rare flower Rafflesia at the Bukit Kaba Natural Tourism Park, Rejanglebong regency, Bengkulu. “Our team found a new spot of Rafflesia at the active volcanic area of Bukit Kaba,” said Abu Bakar Cekmat, head of Bengkulu-Lampung (BKSDA) on Monday (02/04). He added that when the flower was discovered in early March, there were two buds ready to blossomed. In the last two days, they have been opening up. BKSDA cannot confirm yet whether the flowers belong to the Rafflesia arnoldii or Rafflesia bengkuluensis species. “At a glance, they look like Rafflesia bengkuluensis. But we cannot tell for sure once they have perfectly bloomed,” Abu Bakar said. He stated that the rare flower existence will add to Bukit Kaba’s attractions, which is known as a trekking destination. Bukit Kaba is an active volcano located at 1,900 meters above sea level. From Bengkulu, visitors can go by motorcycle or car to Sumber Urip village, Selupu Rejang sub-district, Rejanglebong regency. From the village, it would take about two to three hours hike to reach the top of Bukit Kaba.

Source: thejakartapost/Antaranews