‘Lurik’ fashion show enlivens Kartini Day in Surakarta

‘Lurik’ fashion show enlivens Kartini Day in Surakarta


Surakarta — A fashion show of striped woven material called lurik enlivened Kartini Day in at the Sunan Hotel in Surakarta, Central Java on Friday (20/04). The woven fabric of lurik was chosen as it symbolizes the struggle of rural women in helping to develop the local economy. “Almost all lurik artisans are women over 60 years old who work while managing their paddy fields,” said Lurik Prasojo Production House owner Maharani “Rani” Setyawan. With a variety of lurik designs, Prasojo presented its products in three different sessions, from classic and modern to contemporary by combining lurik with a painting made using canting (spouted bowl used to create batik). “We want to highlight lurik as a fabric, hence the design we offer is very simple. Prasojo has been known to showcase the beauty of lurik fabric and the hardworking lurik artisans of Pedan district in Klaten, Central Java,” said Rani. Meanwhile, Sunan Hotel general manager Retno Wulandari said the female artisans of Pedan are worthy of being called “Kartini Masa Kini” (present-day Kartini). “Rani for instance is a fighter who not only preserves the tradition of tenun lurik in Pedan, but also saved hundreds of artisans who have been earning their living from lurik.” Prasojo has been producing lurik since 1950. Its production was once halted when it was in the second generation because of competition from factory-made batik and textiles, but it is now running again, led by Rani, the third generation leader and daughter-in-law of Prasojo owner, Wahyu Suseno. “When the business went bankrupt, Prasojo had only 20 weaving machines. But now the home industry has 146 machines and 200 employees. In Pedan, Rani is considered as the savior of lurik,” said Retno. Other than fashion shows, the event also featured readings of Kartini letters by female activists. The hotel also presented an award named ‘Sosok Karier Milenial’ (Millennial Kartini Figure) to 23-year old Triana “Tria” Rachmawati who founded Griya Schizofren, which helps take care of people with mental health illnesses, especially schizophrenia.  “These two women are great women who have inspired many people,” added Retno.

Source: thejakartapost.com