Kadin, local organizations team up over vocational training program

Kadin, local organizations team up over vocational training program


Jakarta — The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) signed on Wednesday (25/04) a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on vocational training with the East Java professional certification body and Central Java’s Kadin chapter. Under the agreement, the two sides will implement a vocational training program as part of a partnership between Kadin and German business people group IHK Trier. An agreement was signed between Kadin and IHK Trier in January to develop vocational training in Indonesia. The event on Wednesday was the first step toward realizing the goal. Kadin deputy chairman of labor and industrial affairs Anton J. Supit welcomed the agreement, saying it was an effort by Kadin and IHK Trier to develop skills in labor and boost competitiveness to meet the demand in the labor market. “Today’s cooperation is part of our commitment to support the government’s effort to accelerate the improvement of skills in Indonesian labor,” Anton said in a statement on Wednesday. One of the goals of the vocational training program is to reduce the mismatch between the need for skilled labor and the supply for demanded labor. Kadin and IHK Trier’s cooperation also aims to develop vocational training program instruments in the local industry, a master program and a dual system program between the school and industry. Anton added that the availability of skilled and competitive workers in the labor market was important to attract investment and boost productivity of existing industries.

Source: Antaranews