Tangerang ‘arms’ police with English ahead of Asian Games

Tangerang ‘arms’ police with English ahead of Asian Games


Jakarta — The Tangerang Police have provided English-language training for their Babinkamtibnas (police officers assigned to village as security and public order advisors) to prepare them to welcome the Asian Games delegates in August. While the Games’ venue are located in Jakarta, Palembang and West Java, the pentathlon is to be held in Tigaraksa, Tangerang regency. Tangerang Police chief Sr. Cmr. Sabilul Arif said the police officers needed to learn English to give the best services to the delegates. “Asian Games athletes and officials are our guests. We have to give a good impression so Indonesia will have a good image,” Sabilul said in a statement on Wednesday (04/07). Sabilul added that the police would generate local enthusiasm for the Asian Games through sports tournaments and public screenings for the 2018 World Cup. Meanwhile, the Tangerang Police are planning to conduct a public safety operation to mitigate street crimes, terrorism, vandalism and theft ahead of the multi-sport event. The Tangerang police have formed a task force to combat violent robbers and thugs as part of its operation.

Source: thejakartapost.com