One Map Policy portal site set to launch in August

One Map Policy portal site set to launch in August


Jakarta — The government is scheduled to launch a portal to support the One Map Policy platform in August. The Office of the Coordinating Economic Minister’s spatial planning and strategic economic zone affairs undersecretary, Dody Slamet Riyadi, said the compiling and integration of the policy was implemented by the Geospatial Information Agency (BIG). Synchronization work would continue after the portal was launched, Dodi said, adding that the President would make a decision on overlapped land use based on the results of the synchronization. The portal will be accessible by the public, but certain maps will be restricted, particularly those that showcase local resources and private ownership, while the accessible categories will be decided through a presidential decree before the portal is launched. The One Map Policy is a single map that integrates 85 thematic maps of regions across the archipelago. It is expected to resolve prolonged land conflict. The idea of synchronized and integrated is stipulated in Law No. 40/2011 on geospatial information. In 2016, the government decided to speed up the process by issuing the President Regulation No. 9/2016 on the acceleration for the implementation of the One Map Policy. BIG mapping center and thematic integration head Lien Rosalina said in Jakarta on Monday (16/07) that the compiling and integration of the policy had reached 87 percent as of the middle of July. Lien added that BIG was in the process of developing a grand design for the 2020 – 2036 policy. She said the next grand design would include more thematic maps on maritime issues and was likely to have a larger map scale.