US investors offered projects in seven sectors

US investors offered projects in seven sectors


Jakarta — Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Rini Soemarno has offered American investors projects in seven sectors in Indonesia, namely renewable energy; mineral mining; infrastructure, land, sea and air transport facilities; manufacturing and tourism. Indonesia is seeking to develop its potential resources of renewable energy including geothermal, solar energy and wind energy, Rini said in a statement issued here on Wednesday (25/07). Rini was speaking at an investment forum “Central for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) – Bank BNI Roundtable” in Washington on Tuesday was also attended by rectors of a number of Indonesian state run universities such as the University of Indonesia, Gadjah Mada University, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, University of Padjadjaran and University of Hasanuddin. Rini said the seven sectors are listed in the government priority of development to accelerate Indonesia’s economic development. The Indonesian government has set a target that renewable energy is to account at least 23 percent of the country’s energy mix in 2025, Rini was quoted in a statement. The Indonesian government hopes to develop a US$19.3 billion worth of geothermal power projects, she said as quoted in a statement. Indonesia has the largest geothermal reserves in the world or 40 percent or 28.5 GWe of the world’s reserves, but only a small part of the wealth has been utilized. Indonesia is located in the equatorial line and is one of the countries with the longest coast line in the world giving it big potential resources of solar and wind energy, the minister said. “Indonesia, therefore, is a very strategic market for energy,” she said. Indonesia is also a major producer of coal, the fifth largest in the world with a reserve of 26 billion tons in 2017. The minister said the government is in the process of going downstream in the mining sector that necessitates large investment in processing industry to build smelters. In the infrastructure sector Rini pointed out to the Special Economic Area (KEK) of Walini, a project valued at least US$3.6 billion in West Java. She said projects in the manufacturing sector is no less attractive with the available of 128 workers. She also cited the Manadalika ecotourism project in Lombok, a landmark project that is expected to attract at lease two million tourists per year.