Indonesia soars 17 levels in World Bank’s logistic performance index

Indonesia soars 17 levels in World Bank’s logistic performance index


Jakarta — Indonesia’s position in the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) rose 17 levels within two years, ranking the country 46th out of 160 countries. LPI is the world’s logistics performance index released by the World Bank every two years since 2012. It measures performance on trade logistics within a country. In the 2018 edition report released on Tuesday (24/07), the bank analyzes countries based on six indicators, namely the efficiency of customs and excise and border management clearance, the quality of trade and transport-related infrastructure, the ease of arranging competitively priced international shipments, the competence and quality of logistics services, the ability to track and trace consignments, and the frequency with which shipments reach consignees within the scheduled or expected delivery time. Of all these indicators, Indonesia’s customs indicator scored the lowest with 2.67 points, positioned at 62nd from all surveyed countries. Indonesia’s highest score was in the timeliness indicator with 3.67 points at 41st position. The report states that among the lower-middle income countries, large economies such as India and Indonesia, as well as emerging economies such as Vietnam and Cote d’Ivoire, stand out as top performers by showing a significant jump to a higher rank. Among Indonesia’s neighboring countries, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, are still ahead ranking 32nd, 39th and 41st, respectively.